The Anatomy of a small Flutter project

Dear Reader,
After 3 months of trial and error, I am finishing up the development of an OCR project that I thought would be simple and easy to accomplish. It turned out to be quite an ordeal! So, I am hoping that it my ruminations will serve as a lesson to any other App Developers and Entrepreneurs out there who may be interested in making money with their apps.

First, a little bit of background on the “Client” or Customer. I like to use the word Customer, because I want to get out of Consulting (where Client is usually the preferred term) to getting 1000s or millions of customers who have the same needs. But first, we have to find a Customer who has a need and is willing to pay for it.

This is generally easier than it sounds. (Note: I will use the word interchangeably, since they seem to mean the same thing for most people, except Silicon Valley types who will talk about customers, customer validation, pricing models, MRR, IP, valuation and other things:-)

My client is a commercial real estate investor who owns a few hotels and invests in Bitoin and Alt-coins. I have known her from my early days in the Blockchain space (c.2015), when I became aquainted with her via, a local Blockchain Incubator on Gandy Rd in Tampa.

My client needed two apps, one to capture her business cards and the other one to capture her Auto Maintenance Costs, such as Tires, Battery, Starter, Brakes, etc for warrany purposes. I thought this would be very easy and seemed like a perfect project for my Flutter team, which I did not have:-). But, I was lucky to locate Boffin Coders.

After a few meetings, I met with the Client for lunch at Indian Bistro (thanks to Sandeep Seth, my business partner) with whom I do some barter to get free coworking space, etc (Restaurants provide some marvelous benefits, IMO)

Cal Tiger is an Entrepreneur based in Clearwater, Florida. He enjoys writing, startups, entrepreneurship, building teams and building new software.