My story of Entrepreneurship: From the Streets to CEO


Elon Musk famously said that doing a startup is “like eating glass while staring into an abyss". I can relate to that. Startups are not for the faintest hearted & maybe why people avoid starting one or funding one!

During my startup journey which began in 2005, I have ben held at gunpoint by Columbian drug dealers in Houston, subsequently became a cofounder of an Ethanol startup in Chicago that vaporized like a burning meteor just before Xmas of 2005, landing me on the Streets of Chicago for about 7 months.

I had a million shares of stock in a defunct startup called Harita Energy & to my chagrin, I found that a million shares of stock won’t even buy you a cup of coffee at local Dunkin Donuts!

With no cash and no ID (I had every single piece of ID stolen from me at the notorious Pacific Garden Mission known as PGM), my survival instincts kicked in and I learnt how to find food, clothes &a roof for the night as well as making money by selling used newspapers, peanuts, cellphones & websites from Uptown Starbucks in the same building that Al Capone had his office, right opposite The Green Mill, a famous Tavern in Chicago.

One day, I missed lunch at the soup kitchen and driven by hunger j walked into a nearby restaurant called Alice Ghana Restaurant. I offered to wash dishes in exchange for a meal. Thd owner, a kindly lady, was shocked & offered me a free meal. While I was there, I noticed a free newspaper, Afrique News. I picked it up & read the stories on West Africa with great interest. I called the publisher..

Cal Tiger is an Entrepreneur based in Clearwater, Florida. He enjoys writing, startups, entrepreneurship, building teams and building new software.