First, most of you outside of Saint Pete, Florida, affectionately known by its hashtag #DTSP (Downtown SP) may not be familiar with The Detroit. The Detroit is a 5 story condo complex that is esconced in the heart of the new entertainment district in dowtown. You can see the entrance in the photo I took last nite, when I was on a visit for the famous First Friday on 12/3/21.

Historic Hotel Detroit turned into a sleek Condo complex. Read more here:

Hi. I have been dealing with several banks, one CU and one “nonbank”, which is open 7 days a week & in prePandemic times, was open 24/7 as a brick and mortar business. The banks are: Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, the CU is Grow Financial CU and the nonbank is Walmart. Here is what I found, comparing the most important retail banking features.

How to Develop an iOS & Android App for a Small Business




I just completed a custom app for a small, local business. What I thought was a simple Android plus iOS app which would take me two weeks to complete turned into a 4.5 month project involving 100s of lines of code.

The client is a female entrepreneur and investor who invests in commercial property (eg, hotels) and Bitcoin & crypyocurrencies.

can business cards with OCR (optical character recognition) turned into a 4.5 month project involving me (the sales guy, recruiter, project manager & investor, et al)

Cal Tiger,

Cal Tiger,

Cal Tiger is an Entrepreneur based in Clearwater, Florida. He enjoys writing, startups, entrepreneurship, building teams and building new software.