Hi. I have been dealing with several banks, one CU and one “nonbank”, which is open 7 days a week & in prePandemic times, was open 24/7 as a brick and mortar business. The banks are: Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, the CU is Grow Financial CU and the nonbank is Walmart. Here is what I found, comparing the most important retail banking features.

My sister told me that if I wrote a book about my life, it would be a global bestseller. Well, hopefully, this will be a good start. As I write this, I am comfortably esconced at The Ring, a coworking space that develops “workspaces that elevate you”. The Ring says…

How to Develop an iOS & Android App for a Small Business




I just completed a custom app for a small, local business. What I thought was a simple Android plus iOS app which would take me two weeks to complete turned into a 4.5 month project involving 100s of lines of code.

The client is a female entrepreneur and investor who invests in commercial property (eg, hotels) and Bitcoin & crypyocurrencies.

can business cards with OCR (optical character recognition) turned into a 4.5 month project involving me (the sales guy, recruiter, project manager & investor, et al)

Dear Reader,
After 3 months of trial and error, I am finishing up the development of an OCR project that I thought would be simple and easy to accomplish. It turned out to be quite an ordeal! …

My story of Entrepreneurship: From the Streets to CEO


Elon Musk famously said that doing a startup is “like eating glass while staring into an abyss". I can relate to that. Startups are not for the faintest hearted & maybe why people avoid starting one or funding one!


The Social Entrepreneur vs The Grinch, A Heartwarming Story for Xmas.

I must thank local reporter Margie Manning for indirectly introducing me to ALICE, an acronym that means, Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed, which one must admit, is a mouthful. It seems to imply “working poor”, but poor seems to…

Trump 2020 budget calls for more RPA, better CX

By Cal Tiger, President, Blue Ocean Makers

Bio: http://bit.ly/calbio_0219

Ref: www.bit.ly/1124bom

m/wa: 727–565–8954

Note: Calcutta Bengal Tiger is a nickname for SureshS


AOC, AWS and RPA are pretty hot buzzwords these days. Add ROI & TCO and you have a killer combo that excites Trump & Wall Street &…

Why email is dead & the new era in secure, mobile, messaging.

Hi, if you are like most people, I am sure you use a Gmail ID. I say most people, because there are still a few holdouts who use aol.com, yahoo.com or even hotmail.com. Whatever the case, its a good idea to get a gmail ID, which is the defacto email…

Cal Tiger, DrZoom.org

Cal Tiger is an Entrepreneur based in Clearwater, Florida. He enjoys writing, startups, entrepreneurship, building teams and building new software.

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